GWInsTek Digital Storage Oscilloscope GDS-810C

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  • 250/150/100/60MHz Bandwidth With Color/Mono LCD Display
  • 125k Long Memory and 12 Division Horizontal Display
  • 25GS/s Sampling Rate for Repetitive Waveforms
  • Advanced Trigger:Pulse Width,TV Line,Event Delay And Time Delay
  • Go-NoGo and Auto Setup Sequence
  • FFT Function
  • Built-In Help Manual, Multi-Language and PC Software
  • Standard Interface: USB, RS-232C, Printer Port, Go/NoGo Output
  • Option: GPIB Interface
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Product Description

GDS-800 Series DSO is designed for and built to meet the demands of a modern Digital Storage Oscilloscope in today’s mainstream market. Featuring color or monochrome LCD displays, 125k points of memory, and 25GSa/s equivalent-time (ET) sampling rate per channel, the GDS-800 Series provides a good balance between memory depth and sampling speed. With RS-232C, USB, Go/NoGo, standard printer port (excluding GDS-806/810), and optional GPIB interface, the GDS-800 Series is remarkably adaptable. The easy-to-remember menu tree, the analog-scope like front panel design, the advanced trigger functions including Pulse Width, TV Line, Event and Time-Delay make the general purpose GDS-800 Series able to meet the rigors of most signal measurement requirements in the market.

Display Mono LCD
810C : STN LCD
(320 x240)
5.7" LCD
and other precise mV measurement.
Display Contrast Adjustable.
Waveform Display
8×10 divisions ( 8 x 12 div, when menu off ).
Display Mode Dot, Vector, Accumulate.
Bandwidth 100MHz (-3dB)
Channels 2
Vertical Accuracy ±3%.
Rise Time <3.5ns.
Input Coupling AC、DC、Ground.
Input Impedance 1MΩ ±2%, ~ 18pF.
Polarity Positive & Negative.
Maximum Voltage
Between Signal &
Common at Input BNC
300V ( DC+AC peak ), CATII
Waveform Signal Process CH1+CH2、CH1-CH2、FFT
Offset Range 2mV/div ~ 50mV/div:±0.5V
100mV/div ~ 500mV/div:±5V
1V/div ~ 5V/div:±50V
BW Limit 20MHz ( -3dB ).
Time Base Range 1ns/div ~ 10s/div ; Roll : 250ms/div~10s/div
Time Base Mode Main、Window、Window Zoom、Roll、X-Y.
Time Base Accuracy ±0.01%.
Delay Range Pre-trigger : 20 div maximum; Post-trigger : 1000 div.


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