DDS Function Generator SFG-2000


  •  DDS Technique and FPGA Chip Design
  •  Frequency Range : 0.1Hz~4/10MHz
  •  High Frequency Accuracy : ± 20ppm
  • Frequency Resolution : 100mHz
  • Low Distortion Sine Wave : -55dBc,0.1Hz~200kHz
  •  Front Panel Setting Save/Recall with 10 Groups of Setting Memories
  •  Built-In 9 Digits,150MHz/High Resolution Counter(SFG-2110 Only)
  •  INT/EXT AM/FM Modulation (SFG-2110 Only)
  •  LIN/LOG Sweep Mode(SFG-2110 Only)
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Product Description

Based on the Direct Digital Synthesized (DDS) technology and unique FPGA design, the SFG-2000/2100 Series Function Generators are built with exceptionally high performance far exceeding that of any conventional function generators at a very competitive price. Stable output frequency, low distortion, and fine frequency resolution are the most remarkable characteristics of this product series.

The SFG-2000/2100 Series include four members in each family at 4MHz and 10MHz bandwidth(perivd), The SFG-2100 Series have additional functions of Sweep, AM/FM modulation, and External Counter. As a result of the 20ppm stability level and output waveform accuracy, The SFG-2000/2100 Series well fit into a wide variety of applications, such as signal generator for experiment labs, reference signal for PLL (Phase Locked Loop), and calibration and adjustment source for electronic devices.


The SFG-2000/2100 Series provide Sine, Triangle and Square waveforms with DC offset and variable duty cycle at 20ppm frequency stability and accuracy. The low drift rate and -55dBc low sine wave distortion output significantly extend product application range in various market sectors.

The TTL/CMOS output is also available to fulfill various requirements. In addition to the basic functions, The SFG-2100 Series provide advanced functions such as AM/FM modulation, sweep mode, and Built-In Frequency Counter.


The SFG-2000/2100 Series generates signals by continuously delivering a series of sampling values from a sine waveform table (stored in RAM) to DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) for waveform construction. With a low pass filter circuit to filter out the harmonics of the DAC output and smooth the signal, the SFG-2000/2100 Series is able to provide a stable output with very low waveform distortion. This is very different from the way a conventional FG generates a signal. Since a conventional FG needs to obtain its signal by switching current sources between positive and negative directions all the time, the “Ringing” distortion occurs at the peak of the signal waveform where the switching is activated. This distortion is especially serious when the output amplitude is low. For the SFG-2000/2100 DDS FG, however, the waveform distortion remains low even when the output amplitude is at only 2mVpp.

SFG-2000 Series
SFG-2100 Series


Frequency Range
(Sine, Square)
SFG-2004 : 0.1Hz ~ 4MHz
SFG-2010 : 0.1Hz ~ 10MHz
SFG-2110 : 0.1Hz ~ 10MHz
Frequency Range (Triangle) 0.1Hz~1MHz
Frequency Resolution 0.1Hz
Frequency Stability ± 20 ppm
Frequency Accuracy ± 20 ppm
Aging ± 5 ppm /year
Output Function Sine, Square, Triangle
Amplitude Range 2mV~10Vpp(50Ω Load)
Impedance 50Ω±10%
Attenuator -20dB±1dB×2
DC Offset <-5V~>+5V(50Ω Load)
Duty Cycle 20% to 80%, 2Hz~1MHz (Only Square)
Range Resolution 1%
Display 9 位 LED display


Harmonics Distortion -55dBc,0.1Hz~200kHz; -40dBc,0.2MHz~4MHz; -30dBc,4MHz~10MHz
(Specification applied to both TTL/CMOS OFF and from MAX. to 1/10 level)
Flatness(Relative to 1kHz) <± 0.3dB,0.1Hz~1MHz; <± 0.5dB,1MHz~4MHz; <± 2dB, 4MHz~10MHz


Linearity ≧98%,0.1Hz~100kHz;≧95%,100kHz~1MHz


Symmetry ± 1% of period +4ns to 0.1Hz~100kHz
Rise or Fall Time ≦25ns at maximum output.(into 50 load)

CMOS Output

Level 4Vpp±1Vpp~15Vpp±1Vpp adjustable; Rise or Fall Time ≦120ns

TTL Output

Level ≧3Vpp ; Fan out; 20 TTL Load ;Rise and Fall Time ≦25ns


100:1 ratio max. and adjustable
(In order to get the maximum sweep span, the sweep time needs to be tuned on when adjusting the sweep span.)
Time 1Sec~30Sec adjustable
(When the sweep time is too long, the stop frequency will reach and stay at the maximum frequency of the instrument until the end of the sweep cycle.)
Mode Lin./Log. switch selector


Depth & Modulation Frequency
0~100% ; 400Hz(INT), DC~1MHz(EXT)
Carrier BW 100Hz~5MHz(-3dB)
EXT Modulation Sensitivity ≦ 10Vpp 100% modulation


Deviation & Modulation Frequency
0~±50kHz,center at 1MHz, 400Hz fixed(INT), 1kHz fixed(EXT)
EXT Modulation Sensitivity ≦ 10Vpp 在 10% modulation (center at 1MHz)


Accuracy Time base accuracy±1位
Time base ±20ppm(23℃±5℃) after 30 minutes warm up後
Resolution [email protected], [email protected]
Input Impedance 1MΩ/150pf
Sensitivity ≦ 35mVrms (5Hz~100MHz)
≦ 45mVrms (100MHz~150MHz)
10 groups of panel settings
AC115V±10%, AC 230V+10%/-15%, 50/60Hz


User Manual×1
Power Cord x 1
GTL-101 x 1(SFG-2000 Series)
GTL-101× 2 (SFG-2110)
DIMENSION & WEIGHT 266(W)×107(H)×293(D) mm, Approx. 3.2kg

User manual x 1, Power cord x 1,
GTL-101 Test Lead x 1 (SFG-2000 Series)
GTL-101 Test Lead x 2 (SFG-2110)

 Model Name  Description
SFG-2004 4MHz DDS Function Generator (SFG-2004 is discontinued now)
SFG-2010 10MHz DDS Function Generator
SFG-2110 10MHz DDS Function Generator with Counter, Sweep & AM, FM Modulation


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